Sylvan Lake Skate Sharpening Services

For All Types Of Skates

We are locally owned and operated in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. We know that not all skates are equal so rest assured that we are able to provide professional skate sharpening for all types of skates, including figure skates and hockey skates. It is recommended that they be sharpened at least once during the season. To help your skates stay sharpened longer, it is important to wipe the blades after every use so as to prevent rusting.

If you are unsure if your skates need sharpening, you can do a simple check over to see if there is rust or if when you run a finger carefully along the edge it feels dull. If you are still unsure, we are happy to check them over and will give you an honest opinion on how sharp they are, if they need sharpening, or how long before they will need sharpened.

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Our Quality Experience

We follow strict processes to ensure quality by making sure:

The blade has a smooth, mirrored finish that is not burnt
The blade shape and profile has not been altered during the sharpening process
The blade life is not decreased unnecessarily
That the edges are even, square and consistent